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Chimney Repair Services We Provide for Any Type of Fireplace Repair – If your chimney or fireplace is damaged or leaking, fixing it now with help from The Chimney Kings will prevent costly future repairs and let you enjoy winter fires again and the preservation of your home. As a local, family-owned business, The Chimney Kings has been cleaning and repairing chimneys for years.  You’ll always receive fast, friendly service and affordable rates when you choose us.

Chimney repair-fireplace repair – is the process of repairing any part of a chimney from the firebox, chimney flue, chimney crown (chimney crown repair and possibly chimney crown replacement), chimney flashing, chimney cap, and tuckpointing.

Causes – exposure to elements, animals, age and neglect.


  • Firebox: Cracking in firebox is a fire hazard.
  • Chimney flue: Cracking, holes, bird nests are a fire hazard and needs to be identified by a professional chimney technician.
  • Chimney Crown: Chimney crown repairs can be minor but if neglected too long can become a big issue. This will allow moisture into your home and cause more damage as time goes on.
  • Chimney flashing- bad flashing can cause a leaky situation that always leads to bigger repair costs if left unattended.
  • Chimney Cap: Are super important in keeping moisture out of your home and animals, again this is a big fire hazard.
  • Tuckpointing: Bricks left neglected for too long can mean major costs in rebuilding chimney.


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