Chimney Cleaning

    • Chimney Cleaning Services We Provide

      When it comes to cleaning your chimney, there is no better person than a professional. If you want the job done right and the safety of your family and home assured, hire only trained and experienced professionals. Whether you need a fireplace cleaned or want to be sure no damage came from a water leak in the roof, we can help.

      Here are the chimney cleaning services we provide in Denver, Colorado:

      1. Sweep – clean out all ashes and debris left in your fireplace or stove
      2. Inspection – We check for damage in mortar, bricks, flue liners, and more.
      3. Repair – Our professionals can fix any problems found in the inspection process.
      4. Fireplace Cleaning – keep the fireplace looking great with yearly cleaning, especially after winter.
      5. Chimney Caps – Also, we install a chimney cap on your roof for added protection against water damage, including ice dams.

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