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Do you have a leaky roof? Is it hard to trust that your home has protection from the next storm? Roof tarping is an important step for you in the home recovery process. It protects your family and belongings from harsh weather conditions.

When it comes to protecting your home, there is no room for error. That’s why you need a company that can guarantee quality roof tarping at affordable prices. 

Our Roof Tarping Company has been providing reliable services for several years.  We always try to meet our client’s expectations! Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who provide tarping services 24/7 during all seasons of the year! Moreover, we are always on time when dealing with emergency situations. Because we know how vital it is to act fast in such cases! You don’t have to worry about your house being damaged or broken into by thieves if you hire us!

Our Roof Tarping Services in Denver

Types of roof tarping solutions we provide:

Our Permanent roof tarping solutions

  1. Steel Covers – These covers are placed over the damaged area or weakened wall to provide support. The steel rods that hold this cover in place are secured into the foundation of the home. It can prevent you from being able to lift up the tarp. Also, we make it effectively permanent until you repair your foundation.
  1. Timber Covers – We place timber covers over the damaged area or weakened wall and hold it in place by timber boards. It  connects the foundation of your home. This solution is not as secure as steel coverings. But it does provide a more aesthetically pleasing solution while still being effective. You can remove timber covers when you complete the repairs on your foundation.

Our Temporary roof tarping solutions

This is a temporary roof tarping solution typically used while you wait for your permanent coverings to be ready. 

  1. A-Frame Tarps – A-frame tarps are extremely adjustable. You can easily adjust as needed to accommodate areas of your home that need protection. These tarps are removable once repairs have been completed on your foundation.
  1. Sand Bags – This is a temporary solution that acts as a sandbag to support the weakened area0 We use these tarps to support gutters or parts of your roof that have been damaged and need additional support until permanent tarping solutions can be acquired.
  1. Wall Tarp – We also do roof tarping over the entire exterior wall of your home that has damage. So, we provide protection for your windows and doors until permanent tarping solutions can be acquired.
  1. Floor Tarps – Our professional workers will do floor tarping if your floor  has serious damage with water. Sometimes, the floor becomes weak due to damage that occurred on your roof. This tarp provides protection until you install a new one. But it does not provide any support for the area so additional support is required.

Why do our customers love us?

They love us because they know we can help them. Whether they need roof tarping services, storage unit solutions , hurricane proofing or fast delivery on their new dock. Our customer knows that when they call us, they will get the best possible service. We are there for you always . Our customers love us because we go above and beyond what is required of us. That is why we are confident that they will always recommend us to others .

So, call our company today and let us be your roof tarping service provider. We look forward to hearing from you and providing the best possible service!

Roof Tarping

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