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    Our professional chimney technicians will inspect your fireplace, stove or furnace to determine the best method of getting it clean and working properly.


    We use a variety of techniques from our own patent-pending blower system. So, our team can remove soot and creosote deposits from flue liners and fireboxes as well as any other part of the chimney system.


    Our staff will use powerful vacuums to remove ash and dust from inside your unit. Then we use brushes to loosen up any remaining deposits that may remain.


    The final step is to apply a special protective coating made for clean-burning appliances to prevent odor or rust. Also, it is our duty to help the appliance burn cleaner and more efficiently.

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    “I highly recommend chimney kings. I used them for two of my recent projects and they delivered an amazing product. The owner is Courteous and very professional delivered the job exactly as promised. Will definitely use them for my future…”
    Ruben Bachayev – Aurora CO
    Google my Business Reviews 5 stars

    “They did a great job with my chimney. I just moved in to a house and needed to find someone to come quickly to repair some minor structural damage in the attic portion of the chimney, they were quick efficient and well priced! Definitely recommend”
    Alex Kurth – Westminster CO
    Google my Business Reviews 5 stars

    “I had a chimney that was leaking internally. One chimney company came out and said I needed a new chimney liner at a substantial cost. I called Chimney Kings for a second opinion and they found out that the flashing around the chimney needed repairing, my chimney liner was fine. They did a great job, saved me a lot of money and fixed the problem!”
    David Parrish – Highland Ranch CO
    Google my Business Reviews 5 stars

    “There Guys are truly the chimney kings!!
    What a great crew so professional!! Your chimneys in for a great thorough cleaning, the duct work was amazing!! Clean fresh air flowing it’s great”
    Ari Amin – Boulder CO
    Google my Business Reviews 5 stars

    Chimney Cleaning

    If the smoke chamber of your fireplace needs some work, we will be happy to assist you

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