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A leaking or damaged chimney can be a serious safety hazard. Depending on the severity of your chimney damage, you could face expensive repairs. If you want to ensure that your fireplace works efficiently, then call professionals for chimney repair services in Denver. We are here to help with our reliable services and affordable pricing options.

Our technicians will examine the condition of your chimney before performing any repairs or maintenance work on it. They will use innovative tools and techniques to provide quality results. 

We are the area’s most experienced and trusted chimney repair company in Denver. Our experts will give you peace of mind by giving you fast, friendly service with no hidden costs or fees. You’ll get upfront pricing for all services so there won’t be any surprises later on. 

Contact us for professional chimney repair services in Denver that are fast, dependable! Our team is licensed, insured. So, you know our work will last and we’ll treat your home with respect while we’re there. We have over years of experience repairing all types of chimneys including brick masonry, stainless steel liner systems, tile lined fireplaces as well as gas logs. 


Chimney Repair Services We Provide for Any Type of Fireplace

There are many different types of chimney repair services that we provide for our clients. Every type of fireplace requires different types of chimney care. We are the best in the business when it comes to providing quality chimney repair services!

Various Services Offered by Our Chimney Repair Company for Any Type of Fireplace include:

  1. Whole House Inspection: We will inspect the entire chimney system and create a clean bill of health. This includes all parts such as, firebox, damper, flue liner, crowns and caps.
  1. Chimney Crown Repair: During our inspection process, we will check the crown of your chimney to make sure that it is in proper shape. They are what keep water from seeping down into your chimney which can cause a lot of damage to your entire home.
  1. Roof Flashing Repair: We will make sure that the roof flashing around your chimney is in good shape and provide a quote for any needed repairs.
  1. Draft Inspection: This service is offered to our clients with gas fireplaces. If you suspect that there may be an issue with your fireplace’s draft, we offer a draft inspection which includes a camera scan into the fire.
  1. Damper Repairs: We can provide you with a quote to repair or replace your damper as needed.
  1. Smoke Chamber Repair: If the smoke chamber of your fireplace needs some work, we will be happy to provide a quote for you.
  1. Leak Detection: We are able to use specialized equipment to test your chimney for any leaks. If we find a leak, we will be happy to provide you with an estimate of the damage that it may have caused.
  1. Firebox Repair: We can repair or replace the firebox on any type of fireplace including gas logs.
  1. Chimney Cap Installation: We provide chimney caps as a preventative measure to keep animals and debris out of your fireplace.

Why is our Reputation Second to None in Denver?

In fact, most air duct cleaning companies in Denver will probably tell you that they can do the job right the first time. What does that mean? Well, it could mean that they’ll get your air ducts disgusting again in just a few months. So, they will force you to hire them out again. It also means that their employees are probably not well-trained or experienced enough to do the job right the first time. They might charge you less than us, but they won’t be able to guarantee you a thorough and complete job like we do.

Our reputation is second to none in Denver because-

  1. We know how to work around your schedule and comfort level.
  1. Experience is the key to a successful job, which is why we have experience with both commercial and residential properties.
  2. Reputation – Our company has been in business for over years with a strong reputation as the #1 air duct cleaning company.
  3. We are customer service oriented
  4. Our technicians are friendly, non-intrusive, and courteous upon arrival
  5. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our workmanship

Why You Should Hire Us for Chimney Repair & Maintenance?

We want to lay down a few good reasons why you should be hiring us for your chimney repair and maintenance needs. 

  1. We have the right equipment in order to resolve problems. Even the most stubborn issues with a given chimney in a timely fashion without any hassles or costly distractions. 
  2. Furthermore, our technicians are fully licensed, insured. They have undergone extensive training in order to ensure that they are able to resolve all of your chimney issues with ease. 
  3. Also, we can do partial services on your chimney if necessary. It saves you the hassle of having to pay for costly full repairs or replacements when only some small work needs doing.
  4. We don’t use subcontractors and our trucks will arrive with the same technicians you see on the phone
  5. Our prices are reasonable and we won’t be able to buy a 7 series BMW by overcharging you
  6. We care about the fireplace as much as you do, maybe more because it’s our job!

Chimney Repair Services – Unclog Your Home’s Air Flow Now!

This spring is the perfect time to have your fireplace chimney inspected for any wear and tear. 

A clogged or broken chimney can lead to increased risk of fire

An unpleasant smell emanating from the fireplace, damaged appliances that use the fireplace, and costly repairs in the future. A clogged or broken fireplace flue can lead to increased risk of fire. Some people are still shocked when they hear how many fires are caused by incorrectly used fireplaces. 

It’s important to remember that not only do you have the responsibility to yourself and your family of keeping a functional, unclogged fireplace. Also, you have an obligation to those who live nearby and anyone else who might be affected by its use.

A clogged or broken chimney can lead to unpleasant smells

A bad smell can invade your entire house. Like the fireplace flue, it’s important to make sure that your chimney isn’t emitting unpleasant odors into the atmosphere of your house. If you’d like to know more about how to identify bad smells coming from your own fireplace, read on!

A broken or clogged fireplace chimney can lead to damaged appliances

For the fireplace owner, the most notable effect of a broken or clogged chimney is likely damage to the appliance that uses it. It usually damages the boiler or a furnace.

A broken or clogged fireplace flue can lead to costly repairs down the road. Without regular maintenance and inspections, your fireplace could eventually need a complete replacement. This can cost thousands of dollars, which is a big price to pay for a few years of neglect.

Unfortunately, not all fireplace chimneys are easily accessible. If you need help with repairing, contact us today!

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