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Fast and Affordable Chimney Cleaning Services in Denver

A dirty chimney is a dangerous chimney. It could be putting you and your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or even fire! If you are looking for reliable and affordable chimney cleaning services, look no further.

Cleaning your chimney can be a hard, dangerous and expensive job. It is also important to have it cleaned regularly for safety reasons. As the best local chimney cleaning company in your area, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work. We use state-of-the art tools to clean any type of fireplace or wood stove. Our technicians are fully trained to handle any job safely and efficiently!

Our company offers professional chimney cleaning services that are fast, affordable and convenient! We will come to you so you don’t have to worry about having the hassle of taking time off work.

Chimney Cleaning Services We Provide

When it comes to cleaning your chimney, there is no better person than a professional. If you want the job done right and the safety of your family and home assured, hire only trained and experienced professionals. Whether you need a fireplace cleaned or want to be sure no damage came from a water leak in the roof, we can help.

Here are the chimney cleaning services we provide in Denver, Colorado:

  1. Sweep – clean out all ashes and debris left in your fireplace or stove
  2. Inspection – We check for damage in mortar, bricks, flue liners and more.
  3. Repair – Our professionals can fix any problems found in the inspection process.
  4. Fireplace Cleaning – keep the fireplace looking great with yearly cleaning, especially after winter.
  5. Chimney Caps – Also, we install a chimney cap on your roof for added protection against water damage, including ice dams.

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Air Duct Cleaning Before

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Air Duct Cleaning After

Find Out Why 100% Of Our Customers Recommend Us

1. Our professional chimney technicians will inspect your fireplace, stove or furnace to determine the best method of getting it clean and working properly.

2. We use a variety of techniques from our own patent-pending blower system. So, our team can remove soot and creosote deposits from flue liners and fireboxes as well as any other part of the chimney system.

3. Our staff will use powerful vacuums to remove ash and dust from inside your unit. Then we use brushes to loosen up any remaining deposits that may remain.

4. The final step is to apply a special protective coating made for clean-burning appliances to prevent odor or rust. Also, it is our duty to help the appliance burn cleaner and more efficiently.

Benefits of Our Denver Chimney Cleaning Services

A professional chimney cleaning service has the tools and skills necessary to ensure safety when cleaning a chimney.

As a homeowner, your first priority should be safety. So, you will want to take chimney cleaning services from a company that has the necessary experience and training.

The top reasons to take our chimney cleaning services at Quality 1 are:

  • Our team can clean any type of chimney, even if it’s difficult.

We’ve cleaned many types of fireplaces and flues over the years. Of course, this includes your metal fireplace or woodstove. We offer comprehensive chimney sweeping services.

  • Also, we clean your chimney from the top of the fireplace all the way to the bottom, removing even creosote buildup.

We use an advanced camera system with our video inspection services to check for any areas that may need special attention. We’ll let you know what’s going on with your chimney. Also, we offer the proper repairs and/or cleaning.

  • We can enhance your fireplace and chimney experience with our high-quality fire back accessories.

We provide only quality products, ranging from mesh screens to cast iron dampers. These can be helpful in improving airflow around your home while helping reduce soot. They also add a decorative touch that can give a bit of personality to your heart.

  • We have the best warranty in the industry.

Our company offers a full warranty on all repairs and cleaning services. Also, we offer a free annual inspection to make sure everything is working properly. If you ever have any issue with our services. We’ll be there right away to fix it. This includes any defective fire backs or chimney caps.

Chimney Cleaning

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